Europagora nantes 2EuropAgora is an independent, nonprofit organization. It encourage thinking and exchanges of analysis for the construction of a social Europe and promotes contact between people on this field. It achieves its goals by creating an information network through, inter alia, a website, by supporting local, national and European actions that are consistent with the association’s objectives and by organizing seminars on social Europe.

EuropAgora brings together people from different European countries, sympathies and experiences, by individual membership on the basis of the ideas outlined in the Manifesto. The principle of collective membership does not fall within the association.

EuropAgora aims at contributing, through its network, to a true and active European citizenship for European solidarity and a social Europe.

EuropAgora is based in Nantes, France :

  • President : Gloria Rodriguez  (ES)
  • Honorary President Grazina Pestoni ( CH)
  • Vice-President : Gilbert Lieben  (BE)
  • Vice-President : Michaela Kauer (AU)
  • Vice-President : Matteo Mandressi (IT)
  • TreasurerPatrick Forgeau  (FR)
  • Secretary : Philippe Malinge  (FR)

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